Rage to Spotify BETA v1.0

Rage to Spotify is a console application that will rip playlist information off a Rage playlist page on the ABC website and create a Spotify playlist from the data. 

Some example playlists can be found here.

This software is currently in beta and it may contain bugs. If you find a bug please report it here.


  • converts Rage playlist page to Spotify playlist
  • converts Rage playlist page to list of songs
  • converts Rage playlist page to list of Spotify track links

Rage to Spotify may be slow because it puts at least 3 seconds between each track search. This is because the Spotify web API rate limits programs. Spotify does this to stop people from abusing and spamming the service. At times the program may encounter a problem because of this, restarting it should fix it.


Rage to Spotify is a console application, it must be run from within command prompt (cmd).

To run it open cmd, then move to the directory you have this software in by using the cd command.
e.g. cd "put your directory path here"
Then you can run the program.
e.g. RageToSpotify "url of rage playlist"
You may be asked to allow this program through your firewall, please do this so that it can communicate with Spotify. You may also be asked to login and allow permission to this application in Spotify, please do this so that it can create playlist on your account.

For more help you can do "RageToSpotify -h" to get a full list of commands.

The Rage playlist pages that it can rip data from are located here.


If any bugs are found please contact me here.

Change Log

BETA v1.0
     - version one created


Windows download: Click Here
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.Net Framework 4.5.2 is required to run this program. Most computers should already have this installed. If not you can download it here.


This software is under an EULA please read and agree to the terms and conditions. It can be found it here.

This software makes use of 3rd party libraries.

This software uses Json.Net licensed under the MIT License.
This software uses Html Agility Pack licensed under the Microsoft Public License.
This software uses SpotifyAPI.Net licensed under the GNU LGPLv3.0